martedì 31 marzo 2015

Marinella Correggia to the Saudi Arabia representatives in Italy

To the Saudi Arabia representatives in Italy

العربية السعودية , مملكة الارهاب, عار العالم العربي

Saudi Arabia is the shame of Arab World. Saudi Arabia is the opposite of muslim religion. Saudi Arabia kills a lot of Muslims. 

Saudi Arabia, a ridicoulous rich kingdom of Middle Age times, is killing now refugees and bombing civilians in Yemen in order to support Al Qaeda and Daesh. Saudi Arabia and its businessmen support the terrorists - from al Nusra till Daesh - which worked for the destruction of Syria, a huge tragedy for an entire nation and people. Saudi Arabia helped the coalition that destroyed Libya, now invaded by terrorists and racists. Saudi Arabia helped destroying Iraq in 1991 and 2003. Saudi Arabia (along with Watar and other shameful kingdoms) crushed the civil protests in Bahrein in 2011.

Saudi Arabia is not a country, is an indecent, corrupted family business. Saudi Arabia would not survive one minute without the US weapons and total protection. 

Saudi Arabia's courts behead and lapidate Arabians and migrants (whom are exploited as slaves). Saudi Arabia since ever keeps the oil prices low and blocks (with Qatar and other shameful kingdoms) any effort to fight agains the global warming. 

Everything is with evidence. Even the mainstream media 

It is a shame that Italy sells to the Saud a lot of weapons (first importer) and that explains a lot of the slavish Italian behaviour towards such a primitive kingdom. 

The list of your crimes is so long. And no international court ever punished you. 

If you had to pay for all what you did, your wealth would go. 

Shame on you, king-Kalif-sheik-emir-sultan!

Hoping that a nonviolent true Arab spring will raise in Saudi Arabia and will destitute this kingdom, along with Qatar, Kuwait, and Arab Emirates and Bahrein.  

Marinella Correggia
Italian citizen
Torri in Sabina (Ri)
March 31st, 2015